Inventory by Stakeholder (Draft)

Each stakeholder is associated with one or more systems or "elements" that make up the regional transportation system. This table sorts the inventory by stakeholder, so each stakeholder can easily identify and review the information for all elements that they own and operate.

Air Cargo OperatorsAir Fleet and Freight Management Systems
Airport Authorities and OperatorsAirport Traveller Information Services
Border and Customs AgenciesFree and Secure Trade (FAST) Program
NEXUS Program
Bridge or Tunnel Operations AgencyBridge or Tunnel Security Equipment
Bridge or Tunnel Traffic Management Equipment
Bridge or Tunnel Traffic Management Systems
Bridge or Tunnel Traveller Information Services
Canadian Border Services AgencyCBSA Border Field Equipment
CBSA Border Inspection Administration Systems
CBSA Border Traveller Information Services
CBSA National Risk Assessment Centre
CBSA Partners in Protection
Canadian Coast GuardCanada Coast Guard Operations and Dispatch
Canadian Council of Motor Transport AdministratorsInterprovincial Record Exchange
Commercial Carriers and AssociationsCargo Monitoring Equipment
Commercial Containers
Commercial Vehicle Driver
Commercial Vehicles
Fleet and Freight Management Systems
Fleet and Freight Manager
ConsigneeConsignee Systems
Customs Brokers and AssociationsCustoms Broker Systems
Emergency Measures OntarioProvincial Emergency Operations Centres (PEOC)
Event PromotersEvent Promoters
Financial InstitutionsPayment Systems
Ferry OperatorsQuébec Ferries Agency
Intermodal Terminal OperatorsAirport Intermodal Terminals
Intermodal Terminal Access Control
Port of Montréal.
Rail Intermodal Terminals
International Bridge or Tunnel Operations AgencyInternational Bridge or Tunnel Control Centre
International Bridge or Tunnel Security Equipment
International Bridge or Tunnel Toll Administration
International Bridge or Tunnel Toll Collection Systems
International Bridge or Tunnel Toll Transponder
International Bridge or Tunnel Traffic Management Equipment
International Bridge or Tunnel Traveller Information Services
International Fuel Tax Association IncorporatedIFTA Clearinghouse
International Registration Plan, IncorporatedIRP Clearinghouse
Inter-regional TransitInter-regional Transit Systems
Inter-regional Transit TIS
Inter-regional Transit Vehicles
Logistics Providers, Freight Shippers and AssociationsLogistics Systems
Supply Chain Data Network
Transhipment Use Transfer Facilities
Marine Cargo OperatorsMarine Fleet and Freight Management Systems
Meteorological Service of CanadaCanadian Central Road and Weather Forecasting System
MetrolinxGO Transit Central Systems
GO Transit E-News
GO Transit Vehicles
Presto Regional Fare Card
Presto Regional Fare Systems
Regional Trip Planner and Traveller Information Services
Metropolitan Transportation Agency of MontrealAMT Commuter Parking Lots
AMT Transit Central Systems
AMT Transit Vehicles
AMT Traveller Information Services
Ministry of the Environment of OntarioOntario Ministry of the Environment Hazardous Materials Spills Action Centre
MTO, Corporate Services DivisionMTO 511 IVR
MTO TIS Data Exchange Server and Archive
MTO TRIP Website
MTO, Policy and Planning DivisionMTO Road Network Performance System
MTO, Provincial Highways Management DivisionMTO Automated Roadway Treatment System
MTO CCTV Cameras
MTO Connected Vehicle Infrastructure
MTO Maintenance Patrol Personnel
MTO Maintenance Vehicles
MTO Planned Closure System
MTO Ramp Metering
MTO RWIS Stations
MTO Variable Message Signs
MTO Vehicle Detection Stations
MTO, Road User Safety DivisionMTO CV Carrier Enforcement Program Systems
MTO CV Electronic Clearance System
MTO CV Enforcement Officers
MTO CV Enquiry Systems
MTO CV Mobile Inspection Equipment
MTO CV Roadside Inspection Facilities
MTO CV Wireless Roadside Inspection Equipment
MTO Weigh-in-Motion Equipment
MTQ, Communications OfficeMTQ Traveller Information Kiosks
Quebec 511
MTQ, General Regional Offices and Regional OfficesMTQ Adaptive Traffic Signal Systems
MTQ Automated Roadway Treatment System
MTQ CCTV Cameras
MTQ Maintenance Management System (SGEC-DT)
MTQ Connected Vehicle Infrastructure
MTQ HOV Equipment
MTQ Integrated Traffic Management Centres
MTQ Maintenance Vehicles (SGEC-E)
MTQ Reversible Lane and Barrier Access Systems
MTQ Roadway Status Information System (ERT)
MTQ Security Detection Equipment
MTQ Traffic Signals
MTQ Variable Message Signs
MTQ Variable Speed Limit Management Signs
MTQ Vehicle Detection Stations
MTQ, Information Technology OfficeMTQ Road Network Geomatic Database (BGR)
MTQ, Infrastructure and Technology OfficeMTQ Infrastructure Office
MTQ Pavement Investigations Lab
MTQ Roadweather Systems (SMR)
MTQ RWIS Stations
MTQ, Integrated Information Management OfficeMTQ Ministerial Data Storage System (EDM)
MTQ, Policy and Transportation Safety OfficeMTQ Goods Movement Systems
Municipal Public Safety AgenciesMunicipal 911 Call Centre
Municipal Fire and Ambulance Dispatch
Municipal Police Dispatch
Municipal Transit AgenciesMunicipal Transit Central Systems
Municipal Transit TIS
Municipal Transit Vehicles
Municipal Transportation AgenciesMunicipal Advanced Rail Crossing Systems
Municipal Field Equipment
Municipal Traffic Operations Centre
NAV CanadaAir Traffic Control Systems
Ontario Provincial PoliceOPP Operations and Dispatch
OPUS ConsortiumOPUS Regional Fare Card
OPUS Regional Fare Systems
Parking AgenciesParking Management Systems
Private Meteorological Service and Maintenance ProvidersPrivate Road Weather Information and Maintenance Systems
Private Probe Information ProvidersProbe Vehicle Information Systems
Private Road Operators407 ETR CCTV
407 ETR Toll Administration Systems
407 ETR Toll Collection Systems
407 ETR Toll Transponders
407 ETR Traffic Management Centre
Québec PPP Toll Administration Systems
Québec PPP Toll Collection Systems
Québec PPP Toll Transponders
Private Traveller Information Service ProvidersPrivate Traveller Information Systems
Québec Roadway Inspection AgencyCRQ CV Administration Systems
CRQ CV Electronic Clearance System
CRQ CV Inspectors
CRQ CV Mobile Inspection Equipment
CRQ CV Roadside Inspection Facilities
CRQ CV Wireless Roadside Inspection Equipment
CRQ OCR Plate Readers
CRQ Preclearance Transponder Readers
CRQ Weigh-in-Motion Equipment
Rail OperatorsRail Customs and Transactions
Rail Onboard Equipment
Rail Operations Systems
Rail Police Operations and Dispatch
Rail Wayside Equipment
Royal Canadian Mounted PoliceRCMP Border Integrity Team
RCMP Integrated National Security Enforcement Team
RCMP Operations and Dispatch
Saint-Lawrence Seaway Management CorporationSLSMC Automatic Identification System
Sûreté du QuébecQuébec Emergency Vehicles
SQ Regional Operations and Dispatch
Towing Companies and AssociationsTowing Operations and Dispatch
Towing Vehicles
Transport CanadaCanadian Transportation Enforcement Centre (CANUTEC)
Marine Security Operations Centre
Transport Canada Planning Systems
Transport Canada Security
Travellers and Road UsersBorder Traveller Card
Traveller Information Device
US Coast GuardUS Coast Guard Operations and Dispatch
US Customs and Border ProtectionUS CBP Border Field Equipment
US CBP Inspection Administration Systems
US CBP Traveller Information Services
US Federal Motor Carrier Safety AgencyCommercial Drivers License Information System (CDLIS)
Safety and Fitness Electronic Record (SAFER)
US General Services AdministrationUS GSA Infrastructure Planning System
US Municipal GovernmentUS Municipal Traffic Operations Center
US Municpal Traffic Field Devices
US Public Safety AgenciesUS Municipal 911 Call Centre
US Municipal Public Safety Dispatch
US State Department of TransportationUS State DOT Field Equipment
US State DOT Traffic Management Centres
US State DOT Traveller Information Services
US State PoliceUS CV Administration Systems
US CV Inspection Facilities
US Transportation Security AdministrationTSA Systems