Customs Brokers and Associations


A customs broker acts on behalf of importers or exporters to clear goods through customs. It prepares and transmits required documents or data, pays duties, arranges for bonding, and expedites clearance through customs.

Included In Groups

Goods Movement Companies

Associated Inventory

Customs Broker Systems

Operational Concepts

AreaRole and Responsibility
Commercial Vehicle OperationsOn behalf of their client, pay taxes, duty and excises for imported goods.
Facilitate communication between client (e.g importer/exporter, freight forwarder) and customs authorities.
Prepare and submit documentation for import and export of goods.
International Border CrossingsEnsure all taxes, duties and excises are paid.
Prepare required customs documentation for the movement of cargo.
Policy and GuidanceProvide services and public policy advocacy for companies providing brokerage services for freight into and out of the Provinces of Ontario and Quebec.