MTQ, Communications Office


The Communications Office is responsible for the 511 telephone service, which provides real-time traveller information on traffic conditions and active and planned traffic events. 

The Office's mission is to inform citizens as to the Department's activities, services and regulations, to answer queries and to assess user satisfaction with the Department and with various projects. It is responsible for continuous information on road conditions in winter, and road work in the summer; it also informs the media regarding events that may impact traffic in urban areas.

Included In Groups

MTQ - Ministry of Transportation of Québec

Associated Inventory

Quebec 511
MTQ Traveller Information Kiosks

Operational Concepts

AreaRole and Responsibility
Emergency ManagementDisseminate advisories using 511, website, or other traveller information services.
Incident ManagementDisseminate incident advisories using 511, website, or other traveller information services.
Traffic ManagementDisseminate information on traffic and weather conditions using 511, website, or other traveller information services.
Traveller InformationProvide information concerning the conditions of the roadway including traffic congestion, incidents, maintenance activity or weather conditions to the travelling public either directly using traveller information services (e.g. website, social media) or through the media.
Responsible for developing and operating traveller information services, allowing travellers to access information (traffic congestion, road weather conditions, and multi-modal) prior to a trip or en-route including phone via a 511 Interactive Voice Recognition systems, the internet and social media.