MTQ - Ministry of Transportation of Québec


The Ministry of Transportation of Quebec (MTQ) is responsible for transportation infrastructure, services and related laws in the province of Quebec. The Department's mission is to ensure the sustainable mobility of people and goods throughout the province, using efficient transportation systems and security that contribute to Quebec's development. The Ministry acts as a leading player in the organization of transportation systems in Quebec. It relies on close collaboration with its partners to optimize the efforts of all with respect to their responsibilities. The Ministry committed to competent, responsible and innovative administration of the road networks over which it has direct responsibility and is dedicated to providing the population with transportation systems which are safe and effective, in partnership with its counterparts in other provinces and States.

Group Includes

MTQ, Communications Office
MTQ, Corporate Business Office
MTQ, General Regional Offices and Regional Offices
MTQ, Information Technology Office
MTQ, Infrastructure and Technology Office
MTQ, Integrated Information Management Office
MTQ, Policy and Transportation Safety Office