Ontario Provincial Police


The Ontario Provincial Police (O.P.P.) operates out of 165 detachments, five regional headquarters, one divisional headquarters and a general headquarters in Orillia. O.P.P. members are responsible for traffic safety on Ontario's roadways, waterways and trails, policing more than 922,752 square kilometres of land and 110,398 square kilometres of waterways.

Associated Inventory

OPP Operations and Dispatch

Operational Concepts

AreaRole and Responsibility
Emergency ManagementCoordinate resource sharing with emergency management agencies during disaster response, recovery and evacuation situations.
Dispatch Police, Fire, and EMS to incidents within the municipalities.
Receive emergency calls for incidents (for those municipalities with 9-1-1 centres).
Implement disaster response and emergency evacuation plans.
Work with Emergency Management Agencies to develop disaster response and emergency evacuation plans for large scale emergencies.
Coordinate with Emergency Management agencies on emergency alerts to be distributed to the public.
Coordinate response to incidents near the border with Customs and Border Protection.
Incident ManagementDisseminate information on traffic and weather conditions using 511, website, or other traveller information services.
Responsible for providing incident information to the traffic management (including bridge/tunnel operators, state and provincial traffic agencies, and regional traffic authorities) detected by patrol vehicles or motorist call-ins.
Coordinate response with other public safety agencies.