Canadian Border Services Agency


Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA) is responsible for border services including customs. The work of the CBSA includes: -- processing commercial goods, travellers, and conveyances, and identifying and interdicting high-risk individuals and goods -- conducting secondary inspections of food and agricultural products imported by travellers at airports -- conducting intelligence, such as screening visitors and immigrants and working with law enforcement agencies to maintain border integrity and ensure national security -- engaging in enforcement activities, including investigations, detentions, hearings, and removals. The CBSA administers the canadian aspects of pre-clearance programs such as Free and Secure Trade (FAST) and the Customs Self Assessment Program (CSA) for commercial drivers

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Border and Customs Agencies

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CBSA Border Traveller Information Services
CBSA Border Inspection Administration Systems
CBSA Border Field Equipment
CBSA National Risk Assessment Centre
CBSA Partners in Protection
Free and Secure Trade (FAST) Program
NEXUS Program

Operational Concepts

AreaRole and Responsibility
Emergency ManagementCoordinate resource sharing with emergency management agencies during disaster response, recovery and evacuation situations.
Coordinate emergency response with other public safety agencies along the border - both US and Canadian.
Implement disaster response and emergency evacuation plans.
International Border CrossingsEnsure all applicable duties and taxes are paid.
Coordinate activities with counterparts in US CBP.
Administer and operate pre-clearance programs (e.g FAST, NEXUS) to expedite movement of goods and travellers.
Process applications for permits and electronic manifest.
Ensure food safety and plant and animal health, by identifying and interdicting high-risk regulated commodities.
Process commercial shipments entering Canada and ensure that Canada's border laws and regulations are adhered to, that no illegal goods enter or leave the country, and that related trade statistics are accurate.
Ensure all people coming into Canada are admissible and comply with Canadian laws and regulations.
Perform commercial vehicle electronic clearance at the international intermodal ports of entry.
Traveller InformationProvide information concerning the border crossing to the travelling public either directly using traveller information services (e.g. website) or through the media.
Collect and format data concerning border crossing operations.
Coordinate border crossing information with other service providers including ministries of transportation, municipal governments, bridge/tunnel operating agencies, private traveller information service providers, etc.