CBSA Border Inspection Administration Systems




Back-office systems and databases coordinating activities among the border crossings. Data collected and disseminated to other government systems and users. Includes systems that support programs such as FAST, ACE, Nexus. The Automated Commercial Environment (ACE) is the commercial trade processing system for Canadian Border Services Agency, supporting import/export cargo processing and enforcement operations at the border.


Canadian Border Services Agency


Commercial Vehicle Administration
Other CVAS
Border Inspection Administration

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Air Fleet and Freight Management Systems
Airport Intermodal Terminals
CBSA Border Field Equipment
CBSA Border Traveller Information Services
Consignee Systems
CRQ CV Electronic Clearance System
CRQ CV Wireless Roadside Inspection Equipment
Customs Broker Systems
Fleet and Freight Management Systems
Free and Secure Trade (FAST) Program
Marine Fleet and Freight Management Systems
MTO CV Carrier Enforcement Program Systems
MTO CV Electronic Clearance System
MTO CV Enquiry Systems
MTO CV Wireless Roadside Inspection Equipment
NEXUS Program
Rail Customs and Transactions
Rail Operations Systems
Supply Chain Data Network
US CBP Inspection Administration Systems
US CV Administration Systems