Logistics Providers, Freight Shippers and Associations


Third-party logistics and Freight Shippers that providers support a wide range of Supply Chain Management functions on behalf of their customers, such as freight forwarding, logistics and transportation management, warehousing, transportation network design and operation and facility management. 

These organizations (e.g. Montréal Region Logistics Cluster) engage in the national and international shipment of freight, including dangerous goods, by multiple means, including road-going trucks as well as using other modes such as heavy rail, air, short sea and truck ferry, etc.

Included In Groups

Goods Movement Companies

Associated Inventory

Logistics Systems
Transhipment Use Transfer Facilities
Supply Chain Data Network

Operational Concepts

AreaRole and Responsibility
Commercial Vehicle OperationsProvide additional services, including warehousing, inventory management and packaging.
Plan and manage efficient and effective transportation services using available modes of transportation and carriers.
International Border CrossingsArrange, schedule and monitor delivery of products to customers via trucks, trains and other modes.
Prepare required documentation for the movement of cargo.
Policy and GuidanceProvide services and public policy advocacy for logistics companies that provide supply chain services for freight into, out of, and within the Provinces of Ontario and Quebec.