Fleet and Freight Management Systems




Systems related to dispatch and management of Commercial Vehicle fleets and tracking of freight shipments.


Commercial Carriers and Associations


Fleet and Freight Management
Other Intermodal Fleet and Freight Management System

Interfaces To

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Air Fleet and Freight Management Systems
Airport Intermodal Terminals
Canadian Transportation Enforcement Centre (CANUTEC)
Cargo Monitoring Equipment
CBSA Border Inspection Administration Systems
CBSA Border Traveller Information Services
Commercial Containers
Commercial Vehicles
Consignee Systems
CRQ CV Administration Systems
Customs Broker Systems
Fleet and Freight Manager
Free and Secure Trade (FAST) Program
Logistics Systems
Marine Fleet and Freight Management Systems
MTO CV Carrier Enforcement Program Systems
MTO TIS Data Exchange Server and Archive
MTO TRIP Website
MTQ Goods Movement Systems
MTQ Integrated Traffic Management Centres
Municipal 911 Call Centre
Municipal Police Dispatch
Ontario Ministry of the Environment Hazardous Materials Spills Action Centre
OPP Operations and Dispatch
Port of Montréal.
Private Traveller Information Systems
Quebec 511
Rail Intermodal Terminals
Rail Operations Systems
SQ Regional Operations and Dispatch
Supply Chain Data Network
Transhipment Use Transfer Facilities
US CBP Inspection Administration Systems
US State DOT Traveller Information Services