Private Road Operators


Owners and operators of private roads, for example 407 ETR in Ontario and Highways 20 and 30 in Québec.

Associated Inventory

Québec PPP Toll Administration Systems
Québec PPP Toll Collection Systems
Québec PPP Toll Transponders
407 ETR Traffic Management Centre
407 ETR Toll Collection Systems
407 ETR Toll Administration Systems
407 ETR Toll Transponders

Operational Concepts

AreaRole and Responsibility
Archived Data SystemsOperators of traffic management centres provide data on traffic counts, speeds, volumes, accident reports, etc. to the Canadian provincial and regional transportation planning data archive systems.
Electronic PaymentResponsible for managing the electronic toll collection process and detecting and processing violations of motorist that go through a toll plaza without paying.
Responsible for lifting toll payments during extreme events, such as natural disasters and mass evacuations.
Provide information to toll reconciliation systems to coordinate payments and exchange information with other toll operators.
Emergency ManagementImplement disaster response and emergency response plans.
Work with public safety agencies, municipal governments, and the ministry of the environment to develop disaster response and emergency response plans for large scale emergencies.
During evacuation scenarios share information with regional transportation authorities and municipal traffic managers.
Coordinate traffic control and resource sharing with public safety agencies and municipal governments during disaster response, recovery and evacuation situations.
Coordinate closure requests with Provincial Emergency Preparedness Centre (PEPC) and with the Bridge or Tunnel Operating Agencies.
Incident ManagementResponsible for providing incident information detected by patrol vehicles or motorist call-ins to public safety agencies in border areas.
Responsible for addressing incidents, disasters, security threats, or any event that will cause a disruption to traffic flow on the bridge or tunnel.
Responsible for collecting traffic related data that provide indications that there may be disruptions in the traffic stream.
Responsible for assisting in restoring traffic back to its pre-incident condition by working with public safety to provide resources as needed.
Traffic ManagementOperate and maintain private transportation infrastructure - may include ramps and approaches, signs, ITS devices, and control centres.
Monitor traffic flow over the private transportation network.
Work with municipal governments and public safety agencies to develop diversion response plans for freeway and bridge closures.
Coordinate with adjacent provincial/state and municipal traffic management centres.
Respond to requests from public safety agencies (e.g. police) to close the roadway.
Disseminate information on traffic and weather conditions using dynamic message signs or other roadside equipment.
Share information on traffic conditions with other centres so traffic operations can be coordinated.
Traveller InformationProvide information concerning the conditions of the roadway including, traffic congestion, incidents, or weather conditions to area public safety agencies.
Coordinate traveller information with other information service providers including other transportation operations centres, etc.
Collect and format data concerning road and travel conditions.
Collect and format data concerning maintenance and construction activities including asset restrictions from the municipality's maintenance services.
Collect and disseminate information on border crossing status and delays.