MTQ Integrated Traffic Management Centres




Integrated traffic managment centre, responsible for operations provincewide. Represents the 'Montréal and West' and 'Québec and East' integrated traffic managment centres and resident systems. Each centre is responsible for its region and manage and process traffic data and disseminate of traffic management control and traveller information. Available data includes traffic data, traffic events, planned construction activities, weather data, etc. 


MTQ, General Regional Offices and Regional Offices


Emergency Management
Traffic Management
Maintenance and Construction Management
Other Traffic Management

Interfaces To

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AMT Commuter Parking Lots
AMT Transit Central Systems
Bridge or Tunnel Traffic Management Equipment
Canadian Transportation Enforcement Centre (CANUTEC)
Commercial Vehicles
Fleet and Freight Management Systems
MTQ CCTV Cameras
MTQ Maintenance Management System (SGEC-DT)
MTQ HOV Equipment
MTQ Reversible Lane and Barrier Access Systems
MTQ Roadway Status Information System (ERT)
MTQ Variable Message Signs
MTQ Variable Speed Limit Management Signs
MTQ Vehicle Detection Stations
Municipal 911 Call Centre
Municipal Fire and Ambulance Dispatch
Municipal Police Dispatch
Municipal Transit Central Systems
Parking Management Systems
Probe Vehicle Information Systems
Québec PPP Toll Administration Systems
RCMP Operations and Dispatch
SQ Regional Operations and Dispatch
Towing Operations and Dispatch
US State DOT Traffic Management Centres