US Public Safety Agencies


Includes law enforcement and first responders for public safety in the US; including City or County Police Departments, Fire, Rescue, and Ambulance services; Sheriffs Departments; State Police; US Federal police, law enforcement, customs and border protection, other homeland security, or other first responders.

Associated Inventory

US Municipal 911 Call Centre
US Municipal Public Safety Dispatch

Operational Concepts

AreaRole and Responsibility
Commercial Vehicle OperationsLocal public safety agencies communicate with commercial vehicle carriers to determine the exact chemicals involved in a hazardous materials spill.
Local public safety agencies respond to calls from commercial vehicle drivers about hazardous materials spills.
Emergency ManagementCoordinate resource sharing with emergency management agencies during disaster response, recovery and evacuation situations.
Coordinate emergency response with other public safety agencies along the border - both US and Canadian.
Coordinate with Emergency Management agencies on emergency alerts to be distributed to the public. This includes notification of a major emergency near the border such as a natural or man-made disaster, civil emergency, or child abduction.
Work with Emergency Management Agencies to develop disaster response and emergency evacuation plans for large scale emergencies that may arise near the border.
Implement disaster response and emergency evacuation plans.
Incident ManagementResponsible for providing incident information to the traffic management (including bridge/tunnel operators, state and provincial traffic agencies, and regional traffic authorities) detected by patrol vehicles or motorist call-ins.
Coordinate response with other public safety agencies.