CVO101-Freight Terminal Management (Port of Montréal)




Service Package Diagram


This service package supports the operation of the Port of Montréal, particularly the roadway aspects. The port provides for the transfer point between marine and rail and roadway. The key capabilities include the ability to identify and control vehicle traffic entering and departing the facility, guide vehicles to loading and unloading points, maintain site security and monitor container integrity, provide an interface to Customs as appropriate, and acknowledge container pickup and drop-off. Other capabilities include the ability to track container locations within the facility and to manage any other required assets, like truck chassis. This service package may be augmented with Weigh-in-Motion and Roadside CVO Safety to provide truck weight and safety assessments for vehicles prior to departing the facility. The package also includes interfaces to the local traffic management agencies to facilitate management of traffic accessing and leaving the port.

Includes Elements

Commercial Vehicles
Fleet and Freight Management Systems
Intermodal Terminal Access Control
MTQ Adaptive Traffic Signal Systems
Municipal Field Equipment
Municipal Traffic Operations Centre
Commercial Containers
CBSA Border Inspection Administration Systems
US CBP Inspection Administration Systems
Port of Montréal.
Supply Chain Data Network
Rail Customs and Transactions
Rail Operations Systems
Marine Fleet and Freight Management Systems
MTQ Traffic Signals