CVO02-Freight Administration (Carrier)




Service Package Diagram


This service package tracks the movement of intermodal freight equipment and monitors the equipment condition from the perspective of a commercial carrier's central fleet and freight management perspective. Interconnections are provided to intermodal customers for tracking of cargo from source to destination. In addition to the usual equipment monitoring required to insure that they get from origin to destination, the Fleet and Freight Management subsystem monitors shipments to make sure that no tampering or breach of security occurs to the intermodal freight equipment on commercial vehicles. Any such tampering will be reported to the Fleet and Freight Management subsystem. In addition to exceptions (e.g., alerts) that are reported, on-going indications of the state of the various freight equipment (temperature, shock and vibration, etc.) are reported to the Fleet and Freight Management subsystem. The commercial vehicle driver is also alerted of any exceptions or tampering or breach of equipment security. Freight managers may decide to take further action on the alerts and/or provide responses that explain that the alerts are false alarms. If no explanation is received, the Fleet and Freight Management subsystem may notify the Emergency Management subsystem (note: alarms related to dangerous goods are shown in CVO10/11). Interconnections with various intermodal terminals and ports are covered in the CVO101 Freight Terminal Management service package. 

The separate Freight Administration (Supply Chain Portal) service package focuses on systems to provide end-to-end visibility, and potentially control, throughout the entire supply chain (e.g. Electronic Freight Management). The coordination between commercial carrier and a Supply Chain Portal is illustrated in the Freight Administration (Coordination) service package.

Includes Elements

Commercial Vehicles
Commercial Vehicle Driver
Fleet and Freight Management Systems
SQ Regional Operations and Dispatch
Commercial Containers
Customs Broker Systems
Ontario Ministry of the Environment Hazardous Materials Spills Action Centre
CBSA Border Inspection Administration Systems
US CBP Inspection Administration Systems
Fleet and Freight Manager
OPP Operations and Dispatch
Logistics Systems
Consignee Systems
Cargo Monitoring Equipment