CVO05-International Border Electronic Clearance (CBSA)




Service Package Diagram


This service package, focused on the Canada Border Services Agency, provides for automated clearance at international border crossings into Canada. It augments the Electronic Clearance service package by allowing interface with border administration and border inspection related functions (see CVO03). It also augments conventional (non-electronic clearance) at the borders, which is covered under CVO104. This service package processes the entry documentation for vehicle, cargo, and driver, checks compliance with import/export and immigration regulations, handles duty fee processing, and reports the results of the crossing event to manage release of commercial vehicle, cargo, and driver across an international border. It interfaces with administrative systems used by customs and border protection, immigration, carriers, and service providers (e.g., brokers) and inspection systems at international border crossings to generate, process, and store entry documentation.

Includes Elements

Commercial Vehicles
Commercial Vehicle Driver
Fleet and Freight Management Systems
CBSA Border Inspection Administration Systems
CBSA Border Field Equipment
Supply Chain Data Network