CVO02-Freight Administration (Supply Chain Portal)




Service Package Diagram


This service package supports a Supply Chain Portal which is accessable by the various goods movement actors and provides end-to-end visibility, and potentially control, throughout the entire supply chain. The Electronic Freight Management (EFM) initiatives in the U.S. are an example of a Supply Chain Portal. A Supply Chain Portal may be provided by a private sector entity or consortium (e.g. a 3rd Party Logistics Providers) or may be provided and/or supported by public sector agencies. 

The separate Freight Administration (Carrier) service package focuses on systems and operations related to freight administration from the perspective of a commercial carrier. The coordination between commercial carrier and a Supply Chain Portal is illustrated in the Freight Administration (Coordination) service package.

Includes Elements

Customs Broker Systems
CBSA Border Inspection Administration Systems
US CBP Inspection Administration Systems
Logistics Systems
Consignee Systems
Air Fleet and Freight Management Systems
Supply Chain Data Network
Cargo Monitoring Equipment
Rail Operations Systems
Marine Fleet and Freight Management Systems