CVO01-Fleet Administration (Input)


Existing (Partial)


Service Package Diagram


This service package focuses on information inputs required to manage a fleet of commercial vehicles. The Fleet and Freight Management subsystem provides the route for a commercial vehicle by either utilizing an in-house routing software package or an Information Service Provider. Routes generated by either approach are constrained by hazardous materials and other restrictions (such as height or weight). Any such restricted areas are determined by the Commercial Vehicle Administration and the location of the Commercial Vehicle can be monitored by the Fleet and Freight Management subsystem. Routing changes can be made depending on current road network conditions, incidents and border delays.  

A route would be electronically sent to the Commercial Vehicle/Driver with any appropriate dispatch instructions, as illustrated in the separate Fleet Administration (Output) service package.

Includes Elements

MTO CV Carrier Enforcement Program Systems
Fleet and Freight Management Systems
Quebec 511
CBSA Border Traveller Information Services
Fleet and Freight Manager
CRQ CV Administration Systems
MTO TIS Data Exchange Server and Archive
MTO TRIP Website
Private Traveller Information Systems
US State DOT Traveller Information Services
International Bridge or Tunnel Traveller Information Services
MTQ Goods Movement Systems