ATMS08-Traffic Incident Management System (Québec)




Service Package Diagram


This service package, focused on major Québec highways, manages both unexpected incidents and planned events so that the impact to the transportation network and traveller safety is minimized. The service package includes incident detection capabilities through roadside surveillance devices (see ATMS01/02) and through regional coordination with other traffic management (ATMS07), maintenance and construction management and emergency management centres as well as rail operations and event promoters. Information from these diverse sources is collected and correlated by this service package to detect and verify incidents and implement an appropriate response. This service package supports traffic operations personnel in developing an appropriate response in coordination with emergency management, maintenance and construction management, and other incident response personnel to confirmed incidents. The response may include traffic control strategy modifications or resource coordination between centre subsystems. Incident response also includes presentation of information to affected travellers using ATMS06, ATIS01 and ATIS02 service packages. The coordination with emergency management might be through a CAD system or through other communication with emergency field personnel. The coordination can also extend to tow trucks and other allied response agencies and field service personnel.

Includes Elements

MTQ CCTV Cameras
SQ Regional Operations and Dispatch
MTQ Maintenance Management System (SGEC-DT)
Municipal Police Dispatch
Municipal Fire and Ambulance Dispatch
RCMP Operations and Dispatch
Towing Operations and Dispatch
Towing Vehicles
MTQ Integrated Traffic Management Centres