ATMS07-Regional Traffic Management (Québec)




Service Package Diagram


This service package, focused on Québec, provides for the sharing of traffic information and control among traffic management centres to support regional traffic management strategies. Regional traffic management strategies that are supported include coordinated signal control in a metropolitan area and coordination between freeway operations and arterial signal control within a corridor. This service package advances the Surface Street Control and Freeway Control service packages by adding the communications links and integrated control strategies that enable integrated interjurisdictional traffic management. The nature of optimization and extent of information and control sharing is determined through working arrangements between jurisdictions. This package relies principally on roadside instrumentation supported by the Surface Street Control and Freeway Control service packages and adds hardware, software, and fixed-point to fixed-point communications capabilities to implement traffic management strategies that are coordinated between allied traffic management centres. Several levels of coordination are supported from sharing of information through sharing of control between traffic management centres. 

Additional coordination between the Provinces of Ontario and Québec are shown in the Regional Traffic Management (InterProvincial) Service Package.

Includes Elements

MTQ Reversible Lane and Barrier Access Systems
MTQ Adaptive Traffic Signal Systems
MTQ Variable Speed Limit Management Signs
Municipal Field Equipment
Municipal Traffic Operations Centre
US State DOT Traffic Management Centres
MTQ Integrated Traffic Management Centres
MTQ Traffic Signals