ATMS01-Network Surveillance (Québec)


Existing (Partial)


Service Package Diagram


This service package includes traffic detectors, other surveillance equipment (e.g. CCTV), the supporting field equipment, and fixed-point to fixed-point communications to transmit the collected data back to the Montréal and/or Québec Traffic Management Centres. The data generated by this service package enables traffic managers to monitor traffic and road conditions, identify and verify incidents, detect faults in indicator operations, and collect census data for traffic strategy development and long range planning. The collected data can also be analyzed and made available to users and the Traveller Information Services (e.g. Québec 511). 

This surveillance data may be augmented via Traffic Probe Data from 3rd Party Private Data Providers (see ATMS02).

Includes Elements

MTQ CCTV Cameras
Quebec 511
Bridge or Tunnel Traffic Management Equipment
MTQ Vehicle Detection Stations
MTQ Integrated Traffic Management Centres