MC04-Weather Information Processing and Distribution (Québec)


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Service Package Diagram


This service package, focused in Québec, processes and distributes the environmental information collected from the Road Weather Data Collection (MC03) service package. This service package uses the environmental data to detect environmental hazards such as icy road conditions, high winds, dense fog, etc. so system operators and decision support systems can make decision on corrective actions to take. The continuing updates of road condition information and current temperatures can be used by system operators to more effectively deploy road maintenance resources, issue general traveller advisories, issue location specific warnings to drivers using the Traffic Information Dissemination (ATMS06) service package, and aid operators in scheduling work activity.

Includes Elements

MTQ Roadway Status Information System (ERT)
Quebec 511
AMT Transit Central Systems
Private Road Weather Information and Maintenance Systems
Municipal Traffic Operations Centre
Canadian Central Road and Weather Forecasting System
MTQ Integrated Traffic Management Centres