ATMS09-Traffic Forecast and Demand Management (Québec)




Service Package Diagram


This service package, focused on Québec, recommends courses of action to traffic operations personnel based on an assessment of current and forecast road network performance. Recommendations may include predefined incident response plans and regional surface street and freeway control strategies that correct network imbalances. Where applicable, this service package also recommends transit, parking, and toll strategies to influence centre route and mode choices to support travel demand management (TDM) programs and policies managing both traffic and the environment. Incident response and congestion management recommendations are implemented by the local traffic management centre and coordinated with other regional centres by ATMS07 and ATMS08 service packages.

Includes Elements

Quebec 511
AMT Transit Central Systems
Municipal Traffic Operations Centre
Québec PPP Toll Administration Systems
Municipal Transit Central Systems
Parking Management Systems
MTQ Integrated Traffic Management Centres
AMT Commuter Parking Lots