ATMS02-Traffic Probe Surveillance (Québec)




Service Package Diagram


This service package provides an alternative approach for conventional surveillance of the roadway network (e.g. vehicle detection, CCTV) for MTQ Traffic Management Centres. Probe traffic data may be collected by 3rd Party Probe Data Providers through either: 1) wide-area wireless communications between the vehicle (or personal device) and a central system (e.g. cell phone tracking), or 2) dedicated short range communications between passing vehicles (or personal device) and the roadside (e.g. BlueTooth). The service package enables transportation operators and traveller information providers to, on a large scale, monitor road conditions, identify incidents, analyze and reduce the collected data, and make it available to users and Traveller Information Services.

Includes Elements

Quebec 511
Probe Vehicle Information Systems
Bridge or Tunnel Traffic Management Equipment
MTQ Integrated Traffic Management Centres