CVO10-Hazardous Material Planning and Incident Response (Ontario)


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Service Package Diagram


This service package, focused on Ontario, integrates incident management capabilities with commercial vehicle tracking to assure effective treatment of HAZMAT material and incidents. HAZMAT tracking is performed by the Fleet and Freight Management Subsystem. The Emergency Management subsystem is notified by the Commercial Vehicle if an incident occurs and coordinates the response. The response is tailored based on information that is provided as part of the original incident notification or derived from supplemental information provided by the Fleet and Freight Management Subsystem. The latter information can be provided prior to the beginning of the trip or gathered following the incident depending on the selected policy and implementation.

Includes Elements

Commercial Vehicles
Fleet and Freight Management Systems
Canadian Transportation Enforcement Centre (CANUTEC)
Commercial Containers
Ontario Ministry of the Environment Hazardous Materials Spills Action Centre
Municipal Police Dispatch
OPP Operations and Dispatch
Municipal 911 Call Centre
Towing Operations and Dispatch