CVO08-On-board CVO and Freight Safety and Security (Ontario)




Service Package Diagram


This service package, focused on Ontario, provides for on-board commercial vehicle safety monitoring and reporting. It is an enhancement of the Roadside CVO Safety service package and includes roadside support for reading on-board safety data via tags. Safety warnings are provided to the driver as a priority with secondary requirements to notify the Commercial Vehicle Check roadside elements. This service package allows for the Fleet and Freight Management subsystem to have access to the on-board safety data. In addition to safety data, this service package provides a means for monitoring the security of the Commercial Vehicle along with the cargo, containers, trailers, and other equipment that are being hauled. Commercial Vehicle on-board tamper and breach sensors provide an indication of any security irregularities and the sensor data is provided to the Fleet and Freight Management subsystem along with particular notification of any breach alerts. Commercial Vehicle Drivers may be aware of the sensor readings and can provide an explanation back to the Fleet and Freight Management subsystem via the Commercial Vehicle. Commercial vehicle and freight security breaches are also sent to the commercial vehicle check.

Includes Elements

MTO CV Mobile Inspection Equipment
MTO CV Wireless Roadside Inspection Equipment
Commercial Vehicles
Commercial Vehicle Driver
Fleet and Freight Management Systems
Commercial Containers
Cargo Monitoring Equipment