CVO04-CV Administrative Processes (Québec)




Service Package Diagram


This service package, focused on Québec, provides for electronic application, processing, fee collection, issuance, and distribution of CVO credential and tax filing. Through this process, carriers, drivers, and vehicles may be enrolled in the electronic clearance program provided by a separate service package (see CVO03) which allows commercial vehicles to be screened at mainline speeds at roadside check facilities. Through this enrollment process, current profile databases are maintained in the central systems and snapshots of this database are made available to the wireless roadside check facilities at the roadside to support the electronic clearance process.  
The central systems can share credential information with directly with Ontario and neighbouring U.S. States, or through the use of common systems or databases (e.g. Interprovincial Record Exchange, SAFER).

Includes Elements

Fleet and Freight Management Systems
Interprovincial Record Exchange
Commercial Drivers License Information System (CDLIS)
MTQ Maintenance Management System (SGEC-DT)
CRQ CV Administration Systems
Safety and Fitness Electronic Record (SAFER)
CRQ CV Electronic Clearance System