Transportation Authorities (Draft)

Related Needs

Stakeholders expressed a number of needs related to the delivery of coordinated traffic management and traveller information throughout the Corridor:

Current Environment

The Current Environment illustrates how each transportation authority focuses on managing traffic on their own infrastructure and operations, with minimal coordination and data sharing with other agencies:

Smart Corridor

The Smart Corridor should take advantage of standard Centre-to-Centre protocols, and Data Exchange Network servers, to automatically exchange electronic data relating to traffic conditions and planned and unplanned traffic events, including:

The above approach allows agencies to not only better manage traffic events on their own networks and provide associated traveller information, but also allows them to proactively respond to traffic events outside their jurisdiction that may impact traffic on their road network and/or customers of their traveller information services. Additionally, the data will be shared with key users of the transportation network, including Intermodal Terminal Operators and Emergency Services, to allow these organizations to make informed routing and mode decisions.