ATIS02-Broadcast and Interactive Traveller Information (Québec)




Service Package Diagram


This service package, focused in Québec, takes traveller information data collected via other service packages (see below) and broadcasts the information to travellers and/or provides tailored information to the traveller based on a specific request or profile. Traveller information may be provided through a number of technologies and/or mediums, including the internet, cellualar data broadcasts and mobile applications, and 511 type Interactive Voice Recognition (IVR) systesm. It should be noted that localized traffic information can be desseminated through Dynamic Message Signs or Connected Vehicle Infrastrucure through ATMS06 and ATIS10 service packages. 

Traveller information can included traffic network conditions and incident information (ATMS01/02/06/08 and MC10), transit schedules/fares and operational information (APTS08), weather information (MC03/04), border crossing information (CVO104) and parking availability (ATMS17).

Includes Elements

Commercial Vehicles
Quebec 511
Traveller Information Device
Private Traveller Information Systems