CVO03-Electronic Clearance (Québec)




Service Package Diagram


This service package provides for automated clearance at roadside check facilities in Québec. The wireless roadside inspection equipment communicates with the central electronic clearance system to retrieve recent inspection results and infrastructure snapshots of critical carrier, vehicle, and driver data to be used to sort passing vehicles. This minimizes duplicate inspection and allows a trusted carriers and drivers to pass roadside facilities at highway speeds using transponders and Field-Vehicle Communications to the roadside. Results of roadside clearance activities will be passed on to the central electronic clearance system to be passed on to cooperating agencies (see Electronic Clearance (Coordination)), including the Border Inspection Agencies. The roadside check facility may also be equipped (and coordinated) with Weigh-In-Motion sensors (see CVO06). Vehicles may be requested to pull in (either randomly or based on CVO operator override) detailed inspection (see CVO07). Administration functionalty including sharing of license, registration and credentials information, as well as enforcement and citations, is addressed under the CV Adminstrative Processes service packages (see CVO04).

Includes Elements

Commercial Vehicles
Commercial Containers
CRQ CV Administration Systems
CRQ CV Inspectors
CRQ CV Wireless Roadside Inspection Equipment
CRQ CV Electronic Clearance System