Rail Customs and Transactions - Fleet and Freight Management Functionality

Subsystem Description

The Fleet and Freight Management Subsystem provides the capability for commercial drivers and fleet or freight managers to receive real-time routing information and access databases containing vehicle, freight equipment and cargo locations as well as carrier, vehicle, freight equipment, cargo and driver information. In addition, the capability to purchase credentials electronically shall also be provided, with automated and efficient connections to financial institutions and regulatory agencies. The Fleet and Freight Management Subsystem also provides the capability for fleet and freight managers to monitor the safety and security of their commercial vehicle drivers, fleet and cargo. The subsystem also supports application for HAZMAT credentials and makes information about HAZMAT cargo available to agencies as required. Within this subsystem lies all the functionality associated with subsystems and components necessary to enroll and participate in international goods movement programs aimed at enhancing trade and transportation safety and security. The subsystem supports regulatory functions and the capability to manage intermodal shipment of cargo, including the dispatch and tracking of intermodal containers. The subsystem also supports an interface with the Intermodal Terminal Subsystem for container pickup, delivery, and status. In addition, the subsystem can interface with a Distribution and Logistics Management Provider, who can provide an outsourced management and tracking of intermodal containers. Other intermodal capabilities include interfacing with the Freight Consolidation Station and with other Intermodal Fleet Management Subsystems for co-ordination of shipping between modes.