US Municipal 911 Call Centre - Emergency Management Functionality

Subsystem Description

The Emergency Management Subsystem operates in various emergency centres supporting public safety including police, fire and emergency medical service stations, search and rescue special detachments, HAZMAT response teams, and service patrols. The subsystem includes the functions associated with fixed and mobile public safety communications centres at local, regional, state, and federal levels. This subsystem monitors alerts, advisories, and other threat information and prepares for and responds to identified emergencies. The subsystem creates, stores, coordinates, and utilizes emergency response and evacuation plans to facilitate coordinated response with other Emergency Management Subsystems. Interface with the Transit Management Subsystem allows coordinated use of transit vehicles to facilitate response to major emergencies and to support evacuation efforts. Interface with the Traffic Management Subsystem provides real-time input for emergency vehicle response selection and routing and allows for strategic coordination in tailoring traffic control to support emergency vehicle ingress and egress, implementation of special traffic restrictions and closures, evacuation traffic control plans, and other special strategies.