Interface: Commercial Vehicles - Quebec 511

Commercial Vehicles to Quebec 511 Interface Diagram

Architecture Flow Definitions

broadcast traveller information  (Proposed)  Applicable ITS Standards

General traveller information that contains traffic and road conditions, link travel times, incidents, advisories, restrictions, transit service information, weather information, parking information, and other related traveller information.

interactive traveller information  (Proposed)  Applicable ITS Standards

Traveller information provided in response to a traveller request. The provided information includes traffic and road conditions, advisories, incidents, payment information, transit services, parking information, weather information, and other travel-rela

traveller alerts  (Proposed)  Applicable ITS Standards

Traveller information alerts reporting congestion, incidents, adverse road or weather conditions, parking availability, transit service delays or interruptions, and other information that may impact the traveller. Relevant alerts are provided based on tr

traveller profile  (Proposed)  Applicable ITS Standards

Information about a traveller including equipment capabilities, personal preferences, and traveller alert subscriptions.

voice-based traveller information  (Existing (Partial))  Applicable ITS Standards

Traveller information sent to the telecommunications systems for traveller information terminator. This flow may represent the bulk transfer of traveller information, including traffic conditions, incident information, transit information and weather and

voice-based traveller request  (Existing (Partial))  Applicable ITS Standards

The electronic traveller information request from the telecommunications systems for traveller information terminator. It may be specifically formatted for voice-based traveller requests. The request can be a general subscription intended to initiate a