Interface: MTO CV Carrier Enforcement Program Systems - Commercial Drivers License Information System (CDLIS)

MTO CV Carrier Enforcement Program Systems to Commercial Drivers License Information System (CDLIS) Interface Diagram

Architecture Flow Definitions

border clearance status  (Proposed)  

Notification regarding the crossing status of commercial freight shipment scheduled to enter the country. Includes portions of border agency and transportation agency clearance results, as they become available. Recipients may include trade regulatory ag

cv driver record  (Proposed)  

Information typically maintained by a state driver licensing agency about a driver of a commercial vehicle including driver identification data, license data, permit data, and driving history details.

cv driver record request  (Proposed)  

A request for information about a commercial vehicle driver.

safety inspection report  (Proposed)  

Report containing results of commercial vehicle safety inspection. The information may be provided as a response to a real-time query or proactively by the source. The query flow is not explicitly shown.

violation notification  (Proposed)  

Notification to enforcement agency of violation of a traffic law, emission requirement, or commercial vehicle regulation.