Interface: Rail Intermodal Terminals - SQ Regional Operations and Dispatch

Rail Intermodal Terminals to SQ Regional Operations and Dispatch Interface Diagram

Architecture Flow Definitions

emergency plan coordination  (Proposed)  

Information that supports coordination of emergency management plans, continuity of operations plans, emergency response and recovery plans, evacuation plans, and other emergency plans between agencies. This includes general plans that are coordinated pr

incident information  (Proposed)  

Notification of existence of incident and expected severity, location, time and nature of incident. As additional information is gathered and the incident evolves, updated incident information is provided. Incidents include any event that impacts transp

incident response status  (Proposed)  

Status of the current incident response including a summary of incident status and its impact on the transportation system, traffic management strategies implemented at the site (e.g., closures, diversions, traffic signal control overrides), and current a

rail incident response status  (Proposed)  

Status of the rail systemís response to current incidents.

rail system status assessment  (Proposed)  

Assessment of damage sustained by rail lines and associated railroad infrastructure including location and extent of the damage, impact on current operations and necessary restrictions, and time frame for repair and recovery.

transportation system status  (Proposed)  

Current status and condition of transportation infrastructure (e.g., tunnels, bridges, interchanges, TMC offices, maintenance facilities). In case of disaster or major incident, this flow provides an assessment of damage sustained by the surface transpor