Interface: Port of Montréal. - Rail Operations Systems

Port of Montréal. to Rail Operations Systems Interface Diagram

Architecture Flow Definitions

container delivery confirmation  (Existing (Partial))  

Notice confirming the arrival and transfer of control of a container at a container handling facility, for example an intermodal terminal.

container delivery request  (Existing (Partial))  

Request for permission to deliver a container to an intermodal facility.

container pickup confirmation  (Existing (Partial))  

Notice confirming that a container has been picked up at an intermodal facility and that control has been transferred to a shipping or drayage agency.

container pickup request  (Existing (Partial))  

Request for permission to pickup a container at an intermodal transfer facility.

freight transportation status  (Existing (Partial))  

A time-stamped status of a freight shipment as it passes through the supply chain from manufacturer through arrival at its final destination; including cargo movement logs, routing information, and cargo ID’s.